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ROSH Pictures

ROSH Pictures and its subsidiary companies form a dynamic ecosystem dedicated to pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation in the entertainment and technology sectors. Each company brings its unique expertise and offerings to the table, collectively contributing to the success and reputation of ROSH Pictures as a leading force in the industry.

ROSH Picture Services
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Each subsidiary within the ROSH Pictures ecosystem brings its own unique expertise, talent, and offerings to the table. For example, ROSH Studio focuses on commercial advertisements and short movie making, leveraging creativity and professionalism to deliver visually compelling content. ROSH Production handles the logistics and management of film production activities, ensuring a seamless and efficient process for clients. ROSH Animation specializes in 3D movie making and animation work, utilizing cutting-edge technology to create visually stunning and immersive experiences. ROSH Films collaborates with other Hollywood companies to enhance their projects, offering specialized services and components to elevate the quality of their productions. ROSH Arthouse serves as a platform for artistic exploration and expression, fostering creativity and innovation in theme building, idea generation, and creative content making. Finally, ROSH Tech leverages technology to drive innovation across various industries, providing digital media consulting and technological solutions to enhance clients' digital presence and capabilities.

Together, these subsidiary companies form a cohesive and interconnected ecosystem, where ideas, talents, and resources are shared and leveraged to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation. Through collaboration and synergy, ROSH Pictures and its subsidiaries collectively contribute to the success and reputation of the company as a leading force in the entertainment and technology industries.

ROSH Pictures operates as a dynamic ecosystem comprising various subsidiary companies, each specializing in different aspects of the entertainment and technology sectors. Together, these companies work collaboratively to drive innovation, creativity, and excellence in their respective fields.

Our Subsidiary Companies

ROSH Pictures functions as a dynamic hub, housing a diverse array of subsidiary companies, each dedicated to distinct niches within the entertainment and technology sectors. These subsidiaries operate synergistically, pooling their expertise and resources to foster innovation and creativity across the board. Within the ROSH Pictures ecosystem, each subsidiary company boasts its own specialized skill set and portfolio of offerings, allowing for a comprehensive approach to meeting the diverse needs of clients and audiences alike. This collaborative framework ensures that every facet of the entertainment and technology landscape is covered, from content creation to distribution and beyond.

By harnessing the collective strengths of its subsidiary companies, ROSH Pictures cultivates an environment conducive to innovation and excellence, driving forward-thinking initiatives and setting new industry standards. Together, these entities form a powerhouse of creativity, ingenuity, and forward momentum within the ever-evolving realm of entertainment and technology.

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